Looking for $13 Million Dollar a Year Matchmaking Scouts

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The premier matchmaking agency of Janis and Carly Spindel are looking for scouts to work with their $13 million a year luxury brand matchmaking agency. These scouts will be personally trained by Janis and Carly from start to finish and after the initial 10 week training period, they will be placed in the field for the next six months.

Once the six-month training. Has completed and the scouts have reached 80% of their designated milestones, they will begin to earn a revenue share from our luxury brand matchmaking agency.

For those that have what it takes, please contact the office at 212-987-1582.

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Tinder App Rumored To Be Just For Sex – Janis Spindel’s Love Sphere is for Marriage

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Janis Spindel’s Love Sphere is a private elite membership club founded by the young and energetic Carly Spindel. Carly created her new matchmaking luxury brand using thousands of interviews her mom conducted over the past 2 decades. These interviews were taken from successful marriage minded men and women.

Janis Spindel’s Love Sphere is for Marriage, as compared to the popular IAC owned dating app Tinder for sex. Tinder is now under investigation and has suspended its founder for sexual slander against Whitney Wolfe, the former VP of marketing. Tinder Co founder Justin Mateen has been accused of calling Wolfe a slut, gold digger and whore after they stopped dating.

Tinder uses Facebook profiles to match its members and when a match is made, a chat room is opened. An online security firm Symantec warns that Tinder might be suffering from fake profiles due to an explosion of span campaigns against it.

Janis Spindel’s Love Sphere uses a double screening process where all members applying are personally screened and met with and upon acceptance, pay a one time fee from $275 – $1,000. Once approved, members are personally invited to attend the free monthly cash bar mixers where everyone is personally introduced to one another. Carly is launching her new brand in New York City and will move across the country to the top 30 cities.

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Matchmaking Red Flags-Ask Janis Spindel and Fox NY

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This morning, Janis Spindel and daughter Carly Spindel appeared on Fox NY and spoke with Ines Rosales on how to find her perfect match.

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What Not To Do If She Is a Gold Digger

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Matchmakers Janis Spindel and Carly Spindel tell you what not to do if she is a gold digger

Janis Spindel and Carly Spindel, Matchmakers to the elite, have a database of exceptional women. Janis Spindel and Carly Spindel are constantly networking to find beautiful, smart, fit, healthy, financially independent women. Their male clients say that women who are employed are passionate about about life and therefore become more attractive to men. Whatever their profession is, an employed woman shows a man that they aren’t a gold digger and not looking for financial support from a man.

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Confessions of a Matchmaker

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Janis Spindels Love Sphere


Matchmakers Daughter Develops Automated Matchmaking Business

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Carly Spindel launches a division of Janis Spindel Serious Matchmaking Inc. Carly says: “JSSMI is the most expensive Matchmaking service in the United States. JSSMI is extremely exclusive and has a rigorous screening process. I plan on using the exact same process and making it more affordable for upscale, well-educated, commitment minded singles, while still using a hands-on approach.”

Carly Spindel will have done what other matchmaking companies have tried to do and failed. Carly Spindel created a program, which allows a Matchmaker to match members using an online dating platform. It sounds complicated but it wasn’t for Carly.

“I used the proven success I learned from Janis Spindel Serious Matchmaking Inc. (“JSSMI”) and combined online systems and databases into one platform, where with the click of a mouse, I can have a woman’s online profile digitally delivered to my client’s secure online dashboard. This way, they can connect offline at one of my suggested date destination locations,” says the young and energetic mini Janis Spindel.

The industry is aware that buying an existing revenue generating company is preferable to starting its own. Therefore, since Janis Spindel and Carly Spindel had an exploratory meeting with the owners of match.com, Carly designed her company with the requirements that companies like IAC look for when acquiring a company.

When Carly was asked why she thinks her new company, Carly Spindel Serious Matchmaking, Inc., (“CSSMI”) will be successful when there are so many online dating and matchmaking services, she replied with total confidence.

Women pay a one-time $25 application fee to be personally approved and met by me. Once they are met with, they are eligible to attend invite only events. Women approve two disclaimers allowing me to send their information to my men clients via PDF. They agree to abide by my rules when accepting contacts by my clients, meeting them, and following up with me by rating the date on their profile dashboard, which only I can see.

The men clients are charged $1,000 for twelve introductions over a twelve-month period. For $1,000, each month my clients receive an email with three different options of pre-screened, pre-approved, commitment minded women who have been personally met with. From the three pre-screened women, they choose which one they would like to meet. My system will perform new searches each month for twelve months. It’s the most ethical, logical, and best way for me to double Janis Spindel’s marriages in 1/10th the time. I have been granted the exclusive right to sub license the trademark Janis Spindel Serious Matchmaking Inc. to licensees around the world, so other people can do this too!”













Los Angeles

Las Vegas





New York

New Jersey



Rhode Island

San Diego


San Francisco

St. Louis




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Janis’ Reply To Back In The Scene – Question 2

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Your body language should be inviting and relaxed. You should ALWAYS stand up straight, appear relaxed, and be confident. You should have your arms at your sides when you are standing up. You should not hunch your shoulders or ever cross your arms.

You can find my books on my website www.janisspindelmatchmaker.com and click on “books” and amazon.com will ship them directly to you.

To get yourself back on track, you should think about what you’re looking for in a man and what qualities you find attractive. You should make sure you’re the best version of you so you feel good about yourself. Men LOVE confident, smart, sexy women. You should also get together a group of girlfriends that can be “going out friends” so you can go out to dinners and be open-minded to meeting new men. Men are everywhere, you just have to start looking for them!


Back In The Scene – Question 2

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Hi Janis,
Thank you for your advice. In fact, we had been dating for 3 months when we broke up. (from sept to november 2011). A few month later, I dreamt that he was dating my colleague… (2012…) I asked, she said “no”…but I kept on dreaming about them. Finally, a couple months later I called him, he said “no” too but asked me why. I said “because, my colleague has been acting weird lately and as I knew she found you attractive, I though because you two are together”. He replied no. (march 2012) 4 months later, another colleague revealed the secret, without knowing I didn’t know. She blushed and replied to me ” I am with him but It was a long time after you broke up with him”.

Which body language should I practice? How can I read your book?
What should I do to be back on track?

Kind regards,


Janis’ Reply to Back In The Scene

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OH NO that’s not nice of your colleague, BUT if religion was a deal breaker then you can not condemn the break up. I hate to say it but maybe you should be happy for them??? Time to get back your game and move on. How long ago did it happen? How long were you with him? If you are not being approached by men, then your “body language is that you are NOT approachable”. Sounds to me like you must let go of the “anger” of what happened and then start smiling again and watch how things will change. Was it long term or not? Re read my books and make sure you do great things to make your self feel better. Maybe get a new hair cut? Color? Facial? Mani pedi? Something that makes you feel great. Treat your self to a new out fit . Did they go behind your back ? Hang in there , promise you will be with someone new in no time .


Back in the Scene

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Hi Janis,
I read your book a while ago.
When I finished it, I found a great man…we broke up because of our different religious belief. Now, he is dating my colleague I introduced him while I was dating him. It made me sick.
Now, I’m back in “the single” scene. I can’t find a man, no man approach me.
I tried to read again your book, but I don’t know if It’s useful.

What should I do to get back to the attractive woman I used to be while I was learning to be one by reading your book?
How can I attract more men?



Janis’ Reply to Dinner or Date?

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The gentleman invited you alone which implies it is a date. Out of respect for your friend, since she works for this gentleman, you should make sure that you going out to dinner with him wouldn’t bother her. When you mix business with pleasure, it can get a little awkward.

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